Meta Leadership

by Michael Stattelman

What really is "Futureproofing" when it comes to leadership?

In his book META LEADERSHIP, Michael Stattelman goes on to doing a really good job at the explanation as well as to deliver really high quality strategies in regards to such

Michael Stattelman is one of those visionaries I spoke about on my home page. Just read the following clip from this amazing book. Look around your market, what are the complimentary applications, and systems? Which ones do your services work with? How easy is the integration? IS it mapped? Is it tested and re-tested? What API’s can you expose? Are your services portable? Extensible? Scalable? This all matters, it matters for longevity, it matters to your clients (Current and future). What is the capability for clients or end users to manage and or grow your current offerings allowing you unseen opportunities? This is where “Next Practices” take over Best practices. What processes do you have in place to monetize fixes and interoperability solutions you have deployed or running internally?

This could be an enormous source of untapped revenue or a bonus feature for your own offerings portfolio. There are countless system integrators that run into a myriad of issues when trying to get systems to work well together. But if they don’t know you have solved this then they do not know to contact your organization in an effort to leverage the fix. Back to the concept of having your people continuously get better, have them write a whitepaper on it or if you can position this solution as a potential entry point for other offerings have them post it to an organizational GitHub account, a partners site in the FAQ section or even stackoverflow.

Co-Creation: Work with your clients to identify solutions they are using. Find out what they like and do not like about these solutions. See if these issues can be solved by one of your offerings. When you identify any shortcomings, build a solution and contact the other provider offering to connect and collaborate on the merging and adoption of the 2 technologies. This is not 100%, some will want nothing to do with you, but META leaders will recognize the opportunities you are offering by combining forces on this key functionality and commit the resources required to make it happen.

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Michael Stattelman

A true Meta Leader and as a corporate IT strategist he has delivered High Value/High impact strategies that have been executed and netted substantial profitability.

Pick up a copy of Meta Leadership today and you will not be disappointed.

Website: Michael Stattelman

LinkedIn: Michael's Profile


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    Ken Stuart

    March 03, 2019 at 2:21pm

    Nice find Cody, Always look forward to expanding my capabilities as a leader.

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    Steve Bowen

    April 06, 2019 at 2:21pm

    Great book by Mr. Stattelman Cody, especially the way he talks about latency reduction.